Our goal is to create emotions, a ONCE IN YOUR LIFE ADVENTURE that will change you forever. An experience that you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren about, a moment in your life, a journey you shared with a unique group of people. In order to do this, we have created a combination of values ​​that makes each adventure a unique experience:

  • A series of physical activity challenges surrounded by unforgatable landscapes and idyllic nature scenarios.
  • No traditional tourism.
  • Learning of the culture of each place we visit. Understanding others and sharing with them is part of our journey.
  • Enjoy the culinary wonders of each region.
  • Recover your efforts in "top of the line" facilities: Hotels, Resorts, and more.
  • A reduced group of adventurers, in order to create a true connection and so no one is relegated at any time.
  • Lots of love for nature.
  • Companionship and the desire to serve for other.
  • Be willing to learn, experience, enjoy and live to the fullest.


Our experiences require between 7 and 14 travelling days (taking into account the transfer days), therefore, our adventures are programmed with enough time, so all team members can manage their personal and professional schedules with the adventure travel dates.

Ascents to mountain peaks.
Ascents to unique volcanoes in the world.

Trekking though glaciers.
Our “deep in nature” adventures.
Adventures planned and located in inaccessible places for traditional tourists

Ultra trails worldwide.
Eco Challenges.

Special events and/or personalized travel experiences.
Creation of customized adventures for groups and/or companies.

In most of our adventures, the combination of nature and comfort go hand by hand, so that the trip presents moments of post-effort body recovery. For us, the adventure is the main objective, but recovering from a very challeging activity in our elite partners facilities, is just as important!

  • Hotels and Resorts "Top of the line".
  • The best transfer combinations to avoid long waiting at airports, events, hotels, and more.
  • Transfer personnel always available to the OLA members. Make the most of your free time!
  • Unique culinary experiences.
  • Cultural and tourist experiences that are not traditional or typical.
  • Documentation of all the adventure so that the cell phone is not a concern. We will take pictures, videos, and all you ask us to do. Unplugged yourself from technology, plug yourself to nature.
  • And many more surprises that will accompany you throughout the adventure.


We know that traveling alone is not for everyone, and it is always great to share experiences with others, share them and learn from them. This is why we created travel groups based on a series of coexistence criteria, uniting people with complementary qualities and creating a strong group, in which each unit contributes an added value to the team.

We aim to accomplish that each member of the team returns from the adventure reinforced with life changing experiences that will carry with them forever… Therefore, if you are an adventurer, but you need a team to complete your adventures, stay calm, ONCE IN YOUR LIFE ADVENTURES is on a mission to find the perfect team for you.

We create ONCE IN YOUR LIFE ADVENTURES for companies, with the objective of rewarding workers / partners in the best possible way, which is traveling and sharing experiences. We know that our adventures are challenging, but also, they foster values ​​of successful companies, such as: teamwork, perseverance, companionship, leadership, discipline, learn how to follow rules and norms for the benefit of the team.

At the same time, we create motivational activities oriented to the specific focus of the company, in order to prepare the team for its future objectives, to be aware of the challenges that will be faced in the short and medium term. Therefore, in addition to creating an indelible ‘team bonding’, we also work in cultivating the intellect of each adventurer for the good of the company.

During the prior months to embarking on the adventure, the ONCE IN YOUR LIFE ADVENTURES’ team will work in a personalized travel schedule with the company’s management, so we can align the activities in the adventure, with the company’s objectives.

We will also coordinate assistance of personal trainers that will work on getting ready the adventurers in previous months. The trainer will work on the physical and mental preparation that the experience demands. We work together on the objective of the adventure, so we can deliver the best possible experience the company can offer to its team.

There is nothing like traveling with friends and/or family… nothing unites more than a challenging, adventurous trip with unique landscapes. In ONCE IN YOUR LIFE ADVENTURES that is what we want for you, so you can enjoy many emotions surrounded by your love ones. Experiences that can be remember in time. Experiences that cannot be reproduced, unique feelings that will be engraved in the memory of each member.

We know that trips are complicated to plan… Relax, we’ll do it for you. In ONCE IN YOUR LIFE ADVENTURES we are at your disposal to adjust any adventure to what the group requires. Perhaps it is more freedom, more culture, more excitement, whatever it is, it’s possible to me customized for the group. The only thing that is not optional is teamwork, the effort to achieve the objective, the constant support and the desire to excel. That is our requirement, and your only obligation. Our job is to make this duty into the best duty you’ll ever have in your life.

SEASON 2019/2020

Every year, we pre-select 3 adventures that we will like to accomplish as a team, and we open the doors to all those who want to join us to live with us this experiences, or to reproduce them in a personal way at another time. These adventures have a specific planning, which may not be of your full acceptance, therefore, if you like the idea but would like a personal customization of the adventure, you can contact us and we can make it happen. The three adventures selected for the 2019-2020 season are the following:

The ascent to the Lanin Volcano, a stellar member of the Patagonian Volcanoes (Patagonia, Argentina). The experience includes the adventure of ascent to the volcano, culinary activities, tourist visits, and the possibility of complementing the activity with a descent in Kayaks by the Aluminé river, located within the Pulmarí nature reserve. To know more, contact us!

Ascent to the mythical mountain that has inspired so many athletes in the world. Let’s conquer together this unique and hypnotizing mountain. To know more, contact us!

Ascent to Base Camp 1, and from there, continue on specific trails to completely surround the mountain. We will sleep in the mountains, enjoy from mythical sunsets and dawns and experience unrepeatable feelings. A true luxury for every lover of nature. To know more, contact us!


This is a year of mountains for our team! We hope it is also for you!!Fill in the following form to subscribe and find out about all the news we are preparing, or you can also contact us through info@onceinyourlifeadventures.com