The OIYLA Team is proud to announce the creation of a new community platform to bring people together.

In 2020 we are launching a brand-new series of events that we hope will spark the same values that we spark on our adventures. In order to do this, we created Once in Your Life TALKS.

OIYLA Talks consists on a day event where we’ll bring exceptional people together, to discuss on a specific subject and how that subject applies to each and every one of them. These testimonies and life lessons that we share at OIYLA Talks will spark people in unique ways, and our main objective is that we create a chain reaction of sparkling individuals, to light a fire in society, to push people forward, to inspire to be better, to do better and to dare for something more in life.

We will be conducting five different and inspiring Once in Your Life Talks, with main topics, such as: Perseverance, Human effect on the planet, overcoming fears, and more.

Stay tuned for more information on each OIYLA Talks on our social media outlets: Instagram @onceinyourlifeadventures, Twitter @OnceAdventures and Facebook @onceinyourlifeadventures.